Ver 1.3 - 11 January 2018

  • Fix – Reserved items showing up when searches were performed
  • Add – Donations page to allow users to make quick and easy donations to show their support for our cause
  • Add – A “Report a member” form under the “My Options” menu to combat undesirable behavior of members?
  • Add – Provide advertising space on item detail page sidebars for businesses to market their products and services
  • Updated – The Lucky Dip category has been moved to the top of the categories on the Categories page
  • Updated – The FAQ page has been updated with important user registration help
  • Change – Our Privacy Policy has been updated

Ver 1.2 - 20 November 2017

  • Fix – Page loading has significantly been improved due to an overall performance upgrade
  • Add – Attach multiple photos per item listing (particularly useful for clothing items)
  • Add – A new Lucky Dip category has been added for bulk item listings like “a box full of toys”
  • Add – A discussion forum has been added for members to share their ideas, thoughts etc
  • Updated – All NZ regions (locations) are now available for listing of items
  • Updated – The FAQ page has been updated
  • Change – Our terms and conditions have been updated

Ver 1.1 - 15 October 2017

  • Fix – Item images resize not working. Large images are now being reduced in size to allow for faster page loads
  • Change – My items page now displays items in tab format to easily distinguish between My items, Reserved by me and Reserved by others items
  • Add – Unreserve button on My items page under the “Reserved by me” tab. This allows an item to be unreserved and placed back into the system
  • Add – Unreserve email notification sent to both the Reserver and the Gifter when an item is unreserved
  • Add – Browse Items by Regions are now available. As new items are listed their Regions will also show under Browse Items
  • Add – News page for Free for All news and events
  • Improve – Faster home page loading