How to add an item on Free for All

How to register walk through video

Free for All introduction video
It’s a lot easier signing up using your Facebook account, why?

If you sign up for Free for All with your Facebook account, by clicking the  facebook-lo

icon on the registration page, you will go straight into your account and will not need to set a separate password.

What do I do when people are no-shows, abusive or inconsiderate?

If any Free for All member:

  • do not turn up to collect items at arranged times
  • become abusive or inconsiderate
  • displays a lack of communication
  • is suspected of selling on any gifted items

then use the “Report a member” form to let Free for All management know as soon as possible.

Not receiving the password email, now what?

Make sure your emails do not get blocked by adding the email addresses: info@freeforall.co.nz and support@freeforall.co.nz as a contact in your email program, this will ensure you will receive all emails including password requests.

How to add a contact in Outlook:

If you have a Hotmail, Outlook or Yahoo email account there is a good chance emails sent from Free for all might get blocked or sent to your junk folder because of strict spam filters.

The best way around this is to ADD the domain freeforall.co.nz as a SAFE SENDER to your email account.

How to video:

Link: https://www.wikihow.com/Add-Approved-Senders-to-Hotmail

How do I make a donation?
Can’t find a specific item?

If you are searching for a specific item but can’t find it in any of the item categories, then the head over to our “Items Wanted” forum and add your request.  Somebody is bound to run across your request and list such an item which you can then reserve.

The page you are looking for is not here, now what?

If you encounter a page showing “The page you are looking for is not here!” it is most likely an item that you previously viewed and went back to but since then it has been reserved by another member.

Once an item is reserved it is removed from the view of other users to allow the reserver to collect it.  You could check again if the item has reappeared as the reservation expires after a few days and will come back onto the system if it was not collected.

How do I change my password?

Log into Free for All by clicking the login icon and completing your login credentials.

When you are logged in, click the “Profile” link to edit your profile

free for all logged in menu

Now change your password and remember to make it as strong as possible by using combinations of letters, number and or special characters like @ or # etc.





I can’t register or log into Free for All, now what?

If you have any problems registering an account or logging into Free for All, please email us at info@freeforall.co.nz and we will get this sorted for you.

Please also check your spam/junk folder for an email with your temporary password as this is one of the most common reasons people can’t seem to log into Free for All.


Where can I find a shoe size chart?


26.2 40 6 7
26.9 41 7 8
27.6 42 8 9
28.3 43 9 10
28.9 44 10 11
29.5 45 11 12
30.3 46 11.5 12.5
30.9 47 12 13
31.5 48 13 14
32.1 49 14 15


23.5 35 3 5.5
23.7 36 3.5 6
24.4 37 4 7
25 38 5 7.5
25.7 39 6 8
26.3 40 7 9
27 41 8 10
27.7 42 8.5 11
28.4 43 9 11.5


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24 37 4.5 5.5
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25.4 39 6 7


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13.7 22 5 6
14.4 23 6 7
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18.5 29 11 11.5
19.1 30 11.5 12
19.8 31 12 13
20.5 32 13 1
21.2 33 1 2
21.9 34 2 3
22.6 35 3 4
Having trouble finding the register/login menu?

To register with Free for All or login, you need to click the white “little man” ICON on the menu bar.

When the ICON is clicked the user menu will open as can be seen below.

To log in enter your username and password and click the Login button.

To register a new account, click the “New user? Register Now” link at the bottom.  Enter a username and email address and click Register. You will receive an email with a temporary password.

How do I register if I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account?

Click on: New User? Register Now

FFA register login screen

Enter a Username and Email address – Click Register

FFA register screen

Next, you will receive an Email like below:


Go back to the Free for All website and Login using your USERNAME and copy the Password in the email and paste in the Password space.

First, go to your Profile and CHANGE your PASSWORD to something you will remember and Save Changes.

FFA profile link screen

You should now be logged in and you can start browsing and posting items.

Remember your NEW password that you changed.

FFA login screen

What if I don’t want to add my physical address when listing an item?

Free for All works primarily using a proximity search so addresses are important.  If you feel unsure/unsafe to list your street name with your item listed, then choose a landmark nearby on the map, for example, school, park, etc.

How do I add a FFA shortcut icon to my Android phone / tablet home screen?
Using FireFox for Android:
  1. Open Firefox for Android and go to your favorite web page.
  2. Press the Menu button (either below the screen on some devices or at the top-right corner of the browser), then tap on Page.
  3. Tap Add to Home Screen.
  4. Your shortcut should now appear on your home screen.
Using Chrome for Android:
  1. Launch Google Chrome browser app. Just tap on the Google Chrome icon on your home screen or app drawer.
  2. Go to the website you want to save. Enter the website in the search/text bar and press “Enter.”
  3. Tap on the Menu button. …
  4. Tap “Add to Home Screen.”
How do I add a FFA shortcut icon to my iPhone / iPad home screen?
Here’s how to add a website shortcuts on the iPhone/iPad Homescreen:
  1. Open Safari.
  2. Type in the web address.
  3. After the website loads, tap on the share icon at the bottom.
  4. In the share sheet, tap on Add to Home Screen.
How do I register using my Twitter account?

Important – Make you you are logged in and can see your Twitter account in the browsers.

Click the Login icon and click the “Login with Twitter” link

twitter login free for all

Click the “Authorize app” button

Now click the ‘Create a new account” button.

Enter your email address, for verification purposes and hit the “Continue” button, and you are done.

In the future ou just hit the “login with Twitter” link and automatically be logged in.


How do I register using my Facebook account?

Important – Make sure you are logged in your facebook account and can see your Facebook page in the browser.

Click the login icon to show the login window and click the Login with “Facebook” link.

Now follow the onscreen instructions

facebook login free for all

Click “Create a new account”

Enter your email address, for verification purposes and hit the “Continue” button, and you are done.

In the future, you just hit the “login with Facebook” link and automatically be logged in.

What should I avoid when taking photos of items to be listed?

Avoid having the following show up in your photos :

  • animals
  • children
  • valuables
  • faces or ***** bodies
Why should I not enter my house number when listing an item?

This is to avoid unannounced guests showing up at your door. You can supply your complete home address to the person who reserved your item ONCE you make contact.

How do I contact a gifter to arrange to collect an item I have reserved/dibbed?

When you reserve/dibs an item you will receive an email notification with the gifter’s USERNAME and EMAIL address in it.  You can either directly email them to arrange a pickup.

Or you can login into the FFA website and:

  • Go to “INBOX on the main menu.
  • Click “New Message”  to send a new message to the gifter.
  • Now enter the gifter’s USERNAME in the field marked “Name of the recipient”. The name should appear in a list that you can select it from.
  • Once you have completed the message and hit the “Send Message” button the gifter will receive an email notification informing them of a new message on the FFA website.



How can I favorite items?

When you browse items, you can select an item and when the detail page appears, you will see a little GREEN HEART at the top right of the item listing. If you click it, it will turn red and be added to your favorites list.   If you search for an item you will notice the WHITE heart on the thumbnail image of the item. Click it so it turns red and it will be added to your “Favorites” page.

You can find your favorite items in the login menu under “Favorites”.

Where do I see what items I have lised on FFA?

Once logged into the FFA website, click on “My Items” menu link or click the login icon and you will see a menu appear showing “My Items” and when you click the link you will see a list of items you have placed on FFA.

Your items will either have a “Published” or “Reserved” status displayed on it.
– Published items are items you have added to FFA
– Reserved items are items listed where someone has reserved the item

How do I list an item on FFA?

In order to list an item on FFA:
– Log into the FFA website
– Hit the green “Add Item” button
– You will be taken to the “list an item” form where you can complete the following fields:
— Item Title: Enter a descriptive title for the item as it will be included in the search index of FFA. Eg. “Child fluffy stuffed horse”
— Item Description: Here you can enter more detail about the item you want to list.
— Category: Choose a category to list your item
— Location: Choose the Region, city or suburb where your item can be picked up.
— Add an image either by dragging an image file which is already stored on your computer/phone or hit “Browse Images” and select the Camera to take a photo of the item
— Now enter the general address of where the item can be picked up and hit the “Find Address” button. IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP – DO NOT ENTER YOUR HOUSE NUMBER.
– Now click the “Submit Item” button and your item will be listed.

Why can’t I reserve any items on FFA?

Items will only show up with a RESERVE button for registered users. To register is quick, free and easy.

  • If you have a Facebook/Twitter account, just log in by clicking the Login with “Facebook” or “Twitter” link in the login menu. you will be asked to enter your email address.
  • You will receive an account verification email which you will have to click to activate your account.
  • If you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account you can register by clicking the “New User? Register now” link in the login menu and follow the onscreen instructions.
Where can I drop items?

Do you have a lot of items that you just want to get out of the house, then list them on the website or do a facebook search for your nearest drop off depo.

How much is this item?

Most items gifted through FFA are free.  No request for payment should be made.


Can you drop off?

It is not our practice to expect gifters to offer a drop off service.  If the person gifting the item is prepared to drop off this is them truly going out of their way and you are extremely blessed.  Please try and find a way to collect the item yourself.

What happens if I am not home to meet someone to pick up the item?

It is common practice for many gifters to leave items on their porch, patio or outside stairs for collection if they can not be home at the appointed collection time.

Can I sell items I have been given?

No on selling is permitted at ANY time.  You will be banned from the community and your access to the website revoked if you are found to be doing this.